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    long-term growth for businesses




bring your business to life by building a brand story and visual corporate identity.



achieve growth with marketing strategies, systems, activities and mentoring.

public relations

Public Relations

build trust and create a strong reputation through quality conversations.



build your brand’s online performance with digital strategies, websites & content marketing.

Long-term growth

Sustainable Marketing Services (Australia) Pty Ltd delivers practical, results-orientated and reliable marketing services.

We focus on growing businesses that last the distance. We do this by creating unique brand stories and delivering excellence in marketing and PR.

We control strategy in action to produce reliable results and work with growing businesses in Australia and internationally.


Recent Projects

Our clients range from automative aftermarket industries to medical, electrical, renewable energy, government and not-for-profits.

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Client Results

80 %

Our Net Promoter

200 %

Increase in patients after
rebrand in 12 months

60 %

Increase in clients
in 12 months


Reach in prime time
national TV and radio.

120 +

Increase in web leads
in one month

95 %

Increase in retention rate
against a goal of 90%

Latest News

  • Getting your online marketing strategy right

    sustainablemarketing digitalmarketing blogGetting your online marketing strategy right is an ongoing challenge for most businesses regardless of size. So we asked website expert Mark Tull, Owner at Website Essentials TM a few key questions about what to think about when building an online marketing campaign.

    1. What are some of the key components in making sure your website is built properly so it will be included in any relevant Google searches

    Whether it’s a new site or you are rebuilding or relaunching your existing website there’s lots of things to think about.

          Read the full article here>

  • What’s the Big Idea?

    sms bigideasSize matters, but it’s not always big ideas that get the best results, and the great brand stories are the ones built on a steady stream of small ideas.

    Nurturing and developing a brand takes time, committed effort and a little patience. Marketing is a long game, and marketing plans that regularly implement small ideas, refining and revising until the brand story is fully written, get the best results.

  • Content marketing drives digital

    SMSContentMarketingYour customers have greater expectations of brands today.  They want you to help them make their purchase decisions easier and the purchase process more convenient, while entertaining and engaging them.

    We talked recently about content marketing as the driving force behind all good digital marketing when I presented to customers of Alloys and Ricoh.

    Content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire and engage a target audience to drive profitable customer action.

  • Write an impressive press release with help from Sustainable Marketing

    Write an impressive press release with help from Sustainable Marketing

    Founding Director of Sustainable Marketing Services Maria Anderson says a well written and targeted media statement can increase the credibility of your business and attract customers.

    “Writing a press release may lead to your business being mentioned in the editorial content of publications, which people trust more than traditional advertising,” Ms Anderson says.

    “Both have their merits but editorial content coupled with the appearance of paid advertising about your business, product or service is an ideal way to make sure your company is remembered.”

    Sustainable Marketing Services answers some simple questions to help you increase publicity for your business.

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